This team will be closely connected to the local church, leading worship and helping with youth and children's activities. They will also be working with two educational centers in the city, where they will study language, build relationships, tutor children after school, and serve the minority Roma population that live in the country.


In the depths of the Amazon rainforest, thousands of villages have seen their way of life change dramatically over the past century. The influx of modern technology, deforestation, and the drug trade have threatened and reshaped their lifestyle and culture. While Catholicism is widespread in the country, many indigenous tribes see the gospel as just one more foreign invasion. This team will serve with SEARA and RMM workers to spread the gospel in villages along the Amazon River. This outreach is not for the faint of heart, as the team will be without modern conveniences for extended periods of time. Opportunities will include construction, labor projects, kids programs, friendship evangelism, and supporting long-term workers.


In the Himalayas, there is a history of repression of Christianity. Before 1960, no Christian could even live in this country. While followers of Jesus have more freedom today, converting to Christianity is still hazardous. Yet in spite of the danger, the church in the Himalayas is the fastest growing church per capita in the world! The Himalayas team will be involved in a variety of outreaches including trekking into unreached villages, volunteering at a drug rehab center, teaching English, preaching, earthquake relief, and helping with discipleship training.


Once a French colony, this southeastern Asian country has struggled to find its role in a region that is dominated by other, more advanced countries. While the government is actively working to develop alternative energy in order to generate income and bring in foreign investment, 80 percent of the Indochinese people live in rural areas and depend on agriculture and natural resources for survival. This team will spend much of their time teaching English and other subjects at a local school. Other possible opportunities include building relationships with college students, prayer ministry, discipling young believers, hosting English camps, manual labor, and encouraging the persecuted church.


Known as the “Land of Smiles”, the Thai people use a cheerful countenance to conceal the darker parts of their culture. Human trafficking, substance abuse, and hopelessness run rampant, while their Animist-Buddhist worldview encourages them to persevere in hope that life will be better in their next reincarnation. This team will join RMM’s long-term team working in building relationships and discipling new believers in Bangkok. After language school, they will spend their days teaching English, ministering to kids, prayer walking, and mentoring the children that are part of the long-term team.

USA (Phoenix)

Located in “the valley of the sun”, Phoenix is the fifth most populous city in the US. Home to over 600,000 Latinos—one third of whom don’t speak English—Phoenix enjoys great cultural diversity while facing unique socioeconomic challenges. For the past 26 years, AIM Right Ministries has been ministering to kids and youth in several inner-city neighborhoods. They offer a wide variety of programs out of their youth drop-in centers, including tutoring, Bible studies, food distribution, refugee outreach, and sports ministry. This team will assist with AIM Right’s programs, building relationships with youth and offering them an alternative option to the drugs, gang violence, and hopelessness that surrounds them.


Located in southern Africa, Zambia has escaped the instability that embroils many neighboring countries. While known as one of the world’s fastest economically reforming countries, over 60 percent of Zambia’s people still live below the poverty line. Work can be hard to come by for adults, and many children are unable to afford an education, trapping them in the cycle of poverty. Love’s Door has been working in southern Zambia for decades to bring holistic, empowering development to these neglected neighborhoods. This team will live in a rural village, serving alongside Love’s Door’s staff and joining their disciple-making church planting movement. There are plenty of activities to be part of, and days could include working with orphans, building relationships, discipling new believers, teaching job skills, supporting their child sponsorship program, and doing evangelism outreaches to local villages.


*Location is considered closed to Christianity, so the team will have to be wise about sharing Christ and careful about what they share with people back home.