Ecuador  Mikayla, Natalie, Kara, Shontel (team leader), Sierra, Julie

This team will serve alongside the Shekinah Foundation to care for, invest in, and mentor children and teenagers, many of whom are orphaned or escaping abusive situations. Additional opportunities include home visits, manual labor, assisting in church planting, and partnering with the Ecuadorian church in evangelistic efforts.
Indochina  Seth (team leader), Sara, Caleb, Katie

This team will spend much of their time teaching English and other subjects at a local school. Other possible opportunities include building relationships with college students, prayer ministry, discipling young believers, hosting camps, manual labor, and encouraging the persecuted church.

Israel  Mak, Justin (team leader), Connor

This team will work with SERVE Nazareth, an organization that invites people from around the world to experience God through living where Jesus lived, learning about cross-cultural ministry, and working with the people of Nazareth. This team will serve in various ways such as ministering at a local hospital, prayer walking, teaching English, manual labor, and volunteering at Nazareth Village – a first century farm and village presenting the life, times, and teachings of Jesus.

Mediterranean  Virginia, Ben, Trevor & Denise (team leaders), Annie, Ross

This team will spend half of their outreach in Albania, working with a local church, learning language, tutoring, and volunteering at a local pre-school that serves the Roma population – an ethnic-linguistic minority in the country. The second part of their outreach will take place on the island of Cyprus. They will spend their days building relationships with students at an international university, practicing relational evangelism, and teaching English conversation classes.
Phoenix  Reylyn, Briana (team leader), Katie, Connor, Kelly (asst. leader), Karlee

This team will serve with AIM Right Ministries, building relationships with youth and offering them an alternative to the drugs, gang violence, and hopelessness that surrounds them. AIM Right offers a wide variety of programs out of their youth drop-in centers, including tutoring, Bible studies, food distribution, refugee outreach, and sports ministry.
Thailand  Vera, Morgan (team leader), Sabrina

This team will join RMM’s long-term workers in building relationships and discipling new believers and seekers in the capital city. After language school, they will spend their days teaching English, ministering to kids, building relationships with university students, prayer walking, and mentoring the children that are part of the long-term team.
Zambia  Connor, Julie (team leader), Sarah, Daniel



This team will live in a rural village, serving alongside Love’s Door’s staff, working with orphans, building relationships, discipling new believers, teaching job skills, doing evangelism outreaches to local villages. Love’s Door has been working in southern Zambia for decades to bring holistic, empowering development to these neglected neighborhoods.