International Night – many times people don’t know about other cultures outside of America. Enlighten them by having an international night at church! Serve foods from several other countries, find decorations and utensils from those countries, and maybe even provide some basic information. Have a poster with information about where you are planning on going, and what specifically you are planning to do.

After-church luncheon – check into the possibility of doing a taco bar, potato bar, or pizza bar after church. People will like it because they don’t have to go home to fix meals! If you announce it ahead of time, people can plan on it, and smelling the food during church will also encourage people to stay!

Rent-A-Worker – offer yourself for rent to people in your church or neighborhood. Let people know what you are good at (babysitting, cleaning, organizing a kids birthday party, mowing yards, etc.) and earn money. Many people are more willing to pay you when they are getting a service that they actually need.

Benefit Auctions – Talk to businesses, friends and neighbors and ask them to donate items. The items don’t have to be of great value, but you can ask a lady from your church who might be famous for her cinnamon rolls to donate 1 or 2 dozen. Ask the elderly lady who likes to quilt to donate a quilt. Ask businesses to donate services ($10 gift certificate to a restaurant; free load of firewood; free dress fitting; free massage, etc.) Then, on a set night, invite everyone out to bid on these items. Before you start, introduce yourself and explain a little more what you are doing. People will be much more open to pay a little more for items if they know what the money is going for.

Selling Candy Bars – If you or someone you know has a membership to a bulk foods store, go and buy candy bars in bulk. Take them to school, church, work, or out with your friends. Generally if you buy them in bulk, you can still sell them for a reasonable price (50 cents) and make a little money.

Work at a restaurant – Some restaurants will allow you to come in and be a waiter/waitress for an evening, and keep the tips. Others will let you sell coupon books or savings cards. Check with local restaurants to find out if any of them have fundraising options. Burger King, McDonalds and Pizza Hut are generally eager to help you.

Joe Corbi’s Pizza Kits – check out to find out about selling pizza kits in your area. This generally goes over well, and you make up to $7.00 on each pizza kit you sell! See if your parents and friends will help you sell to their neighbors and relatives.

Set up a Booth - If your town has a local fair, check into getting a booth. You could sell baked goods, French fries, hamburgers, etc. Put a sign up next to the booth letting people know what you are raising money for. People will be eating there anyway, so if they know they are helping you out, it will be encouraging to know that by eating they are helping someone.

Hoagie Sale – see if your youth group will help you make hoagies/subs and sell them. It’s a lot of work, but it can bring in a lot of profits.

Change bucket – Ask your family/pastor if you can keep a change bucket somewhere in your house/church. Write a note by it saying that all change goes to support you. That will remind you and your family to put all extra change in there, and also if people come over, they may add their change to it.

Use the internet as a resource – There are tons of products out there that you can sell out of a magazine (wrapping paper, peanuts, popcorn, sports stuff, cards, etc.). If you have access, get online and look up “fundraising ideas.” You’ll get tons of options, believe me! Some of the more promising options tend to be Krispy Kreme Donuts, candles, cookie dough, lollipops, etc.

Come up with something bizarre as a reward. Ask two guys from your church to offer to shave their heads, if enough money is raised. You can have two baskets at work/church, one for one guy, and one for the other. Whoever raises the most money has to shave his head. Or you can set a goal, and say they have to raise $50 to shave their heads. You can also have other rewards, such as whoever loses gets to have 50 water balloons thrown at them. Be creative!

Raffles – Raffles are also good ways to make money. Ask a business to donate a product, such as a meat & cheese tray, or a TV, or free football tickets. Sell raffle tickets for $1. Someone will win the prize, and you will get to keep all the profits.

Car Wash – get a bunch of your friends to get together one Saturday morning and have a car wash. If you do a good job and have them several weeks, you may get a good reputation, and have the same people coming back.

Youth Service – ask your church if your youth group could do an evening service. Prepare dramas and songs and testimonies. At the end, explain about your trip, and either pass around an offering basket, or have one in the back.

Yard Sale/Bake Sale – clean out your house (and invite others to do so) and have a yard sale. If your community has a town-wide yard sale, that’s the best time.

Walk-a-thon/Bike-a-thon – Have people sponsor you to walk/bike a certain number of miles. Or, be creative and come up with another alternative – rock-a-thon (rocking chairs) or sew-a-thon. The options are endless!

Concession Stand - Ask your local soccer or softball league if you can have a concession stand at the games. Be sure to ask, though, because some leagues have their own concession stands. Ask people to donate food to sell.

Old time Cinema – get an old reel projector and old movies like Laurel & Hardy and The Three Stooges. Hang up a sheet and show it on the “big screen.” Have people donate kettle popcorn and apple cider. Charge $1 admission and 25 cents for popcorn and apple cider.

Have a Kids Carnival – get lots of activities and games for kids, and advertise all around your neighborhood and church. The kids will have fun, the parents will love the break, and if you charge $1 for admission, you could make some money.