Mission trips not only bless the outreach location but build unity, servanthood, and a heart for God within your youth group.

We at Rosedale Mennonite Missions want to promote these kinds of life-changing experiences. GroupLink simply links you to mission opportunities that we feel are cost effective, making an impact, and that we feel good about. Following is more information about these ministry opportunities.

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Builds compassion: Many youth testify that after going overseas, they became more compassionate and much more aware of needs around them.

Changes perspective:
By experiencing a new culture, a young person's worldview and perspective on life grows tremendously.

Unifies group:
The youth group often becomes united and grows significantly as they go through a common stretching experience.

Produces spiritual growth:
For many young people, these trips are a time when God becomes more real and personal to them.

Builds God's kingdom:
God will use your group to advance his kingdom and his purposes while on outreach.

Blesses people:
Your youth group can bring much-needed help and encouragement to the missionaries or indigenous workers they are assisting.


The following locations are likely open to receiving youth group teams:

Aim Right Ministries of Phoenix, Arizona, reaches out to many inner city children and youth through recreation, summer and after-school programs.  The ministry could use groups to help with their Vacation Bible School and other outreaches. Manual labor projects are also available.  Group size: under 30. For more information, please contact Darrell Bacher at darrell.aimright@gmail.com.

Bethel Camp is situated in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky. The camp is looking for groups to assist with various work projects around the campgrounds.  Group size: 4-30 people. For more information, please contact camp director Roger Voth at grow@bethelcamp.org

City Challenge is SEND Ministries’ 5-day inner city experience in Columbus, Ohio, geared toward youth groups and school groups. The program is packed with discipleship training as well creative ministry opportunities, service projects, recreation, and worship. Group size: up to 60.  For more information, contact Ashley at send@rmmoffice.org.  

Living Hope Native Ministries is located in Red Lake, Ontario, Canada, and works with First Nations people on reserves and in urban communities.  Outreach possibilities include running Vacation Bible Schools and physical labor at the Stormer Lake Christian Retreat Center. Any size group welcome.  Please contact LaMar Weaver at office@LHNM.org for more information.

Rosedale Bible College
is located in rural Rosedale, Ohio. They host youth groups that do landscaping, remodeling, painting, and other general maintenance projects around the campus.  Groups may also participate in joint projects and ministries associated with Rosedale Mennonite Missions.  Group size: fewer than 40 people. Please contact Operations Manager, Dave Troyer, at dtroyer@rosedale.edu for more information.

Shammah Outreach and Consulting Services is an outreach located in Flint, Michigan. The city of Flint has been labeled one of the most needy cities in the nation with regard to poverty, unemployment, crime, and violence. With the need so great, mission trips to Flint will be tailored to your group's size, age range, budget, talents, and time desired to spend here. For more information contact Lynette Delgado at shammah.outreach@yahoo.com or (810) 580-9735.

Pura Vida Missions is located in Costa Rica.  After completing a three-day discipleship and outreach training, groups will participate in children’s ministry, service projects, and creative types of evangelism. For more information, please contact director DeLynn Hoover at info@pvmonline.org.

ext Steps

  • Contact the ministry you desire to partner with. SEND is not a go-between but simply links you to other mission opportunities that we feel good about.
  • Work with your youth group to find out what week is available for most to go.
  • Begin to plan a budget and consider fundraisers to do as a group.
  • Plan for adequate adult sponsors; this depends on the age and maturity level of your group.
  • If you take a trip out of the country, your youth will need to obtain passports. You should begin working on this immediately. And don't hesitate to contact us if you need help.